Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big Fan

I like The Onion. I like The Wrestler. I like Patton Oswalt. I like sports. I like sports radio. I loved the plot of the movie. So why didn't I like the movie all that much?

Robert Siegel (former Onion editor and screenwriter of The Wrestler) came up with a great concept - Oswalt plays a sad sack loser of a Giants fan who ends up getting pummeled by his favorite Giants player at a strip club. Even after getting beaten to the point of unconsciousness, Oswalt doesn't want to get the player in trouble because it will hurt the Giants.

None of the main characters were likable or sympathetic or all that interesting. Kevin Corrigan was fine as his usual deadbeat character. Oswalt's mom is funny especially when she yells at him to get off the phone during his nightly middle of the night calls.

But I just didn't buy it. There really wasn't that much sports passion displayed by Oswalt or Corrigan. It didn't seem like any of the people involved with the making of this movie are actually sports fans. It just seemed flat.

And the guy on the radio who is supposed to be Mad Dog wasn't that good. It should have been Chris Larry. Then this movie would have been good.

Directed by Robert Siegel
DVD for the first 30 minutes but the syncing was off so Netflix Streaming for the rest.


youthlarge said...

The raspy voiced radio guy was Scott Farrell. He's super annoying.

Anonymous said...

I generally hate scott farell, but now he is on Howard Stern's channel and I like him...not really...but you get my point.

Havent seen this yet but my excitement is waning based on word of mouth...It seems like to much plot...would rather just see a documentary on Jerome.

Chris Larry from Park Slope

youthlarge said...

i'd love to see a jerome documentary.

lachima said...

hated hated hated the fantasy poster come to life stuff. hated the insane need to be tight ALL THE GODDAMN TIME. hated the pretentious slo-mo shots of faces turning etc. all of that gimmicky visual stuff seemed there to try and build empathy and emotion for characters whose motivation seems absent from the script.

that being said, i love patton. i think this would have been pretty good with someone else directing it.

Listmaker said...


exactly! terrible direction.

i still think you should see it.

Crispin H. Glover said...

apparently, patton is not a sports fan in the least and had to be coached on how to cheer properly, this creating the air of artificiality that you balked at. i didn't mind it, propbably because i don't see any real sports fans on a regular basis.