Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bunny Lake is Missing

A young woman drops her daughter (nicknamed Bunny) off for her first day of school. She's in a rush so she leaves her with the cook. When she comes back, her daughter is not there, the cook has quit, and the school officials insist that the girl had never been there at all. And thus the mystery begins.

The mystery slowly unravels in a completely satisfying and memorable manner. I keep replaying moments from this film in my head weeks after seeing it. Jodie Foster can suck it. Flightplan my ass.

Favorite lines from the movie:
Have you ever been in a pub before? Here it is - the heart of merry old England complete with dirty glasses, watery beer, drafts under the door, and a 23 inch television.

And on the screen - The Zombies! Love it.

Directed by Otto Preminger


lachimafilms.com said...

in my cue. i have the zombies radio promo spot from the zombie heaven box set. you ever heard that?

Listmaker said...

we have the box set but the spot doesn't ring a bell. will have to listen to it right NOW!

Crispin H. Glover said...

just watched this tonite and loved all the red herrings and the old lady in the attic.