Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Treeless Mountain

Cute kids + Korea = SHR's favorite movie of the year. I really liked it as well. Inspired by the Japanese film Nobody Knows, the film is about two sisters -(six-year-old Jin and her little sister Bin) who are dropped off by their mom with her alcoholic sister. The mom doesn't know how long she'll be gone. Her goal is to attempt to reconcile with her husband. Days turn to weeks and weeks to months.

Most of the movie is about the two little girls as they try to deal with their confusion and loneliness. Before their mom left, she gave them a piggy bank and told them that she would be back when the piggy bank was completely full. Of course, this leads to some gutwrenching scenes as the girls inch their way closer to and then successfully fill the bank.

Every scene is perfect. Every image is lovely. Between this and In Between Days, SHR and I have found Team HR's favorite director.

Directed by So Yong Kim
2008, U.S. Release: 2009

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youthlarge said...

i love this movie. that final scene plays over and over in my head.