Thursday, September 03, 2009

In the Loop

This was kind of like Wag the Dog if Wag the Dog had been good. Easily the best political satire I've seen in years and dare I say it is the Dr. Strangelove for our generation.

The film is about the buildup to a fictional war in the Middle East. A nobody in the British gov't answers an interview question by stating that an upcoming war was "unforeseeable" thus creating a media sensation which then sets the whole crazy chain of events in motion.

The movie is completely scathing and somehow realistic and entirely absurd at the same time. It is kind of like the Naked Gun of political satire. Non-stop jokes. My main complaint about the movie was that I'd laugh and then miss the next two jokes.

If I had the script in hand, I think that I could easily find 100 lines that are instant classics. And the movie is so damn profane. It is awesome!

It also reminded me of the very good BBC show State of Play in some ways. I need to see this movie at least 5 more times to fully digest it.

Directed by Armando Iannucci


Mondale said...

You'll have to track down the grandaddy of this film, the UK TV show "the thick of it" which boasts Iannucci as it's creator. Alistair Campbell (Capaldi's character in real life, Blair's communications director until 2005) remains one of my all time favourite political personalities. "Bollocks on stilts!" being an example of his wit.

Listmaker said...

recently listened to an interview with him and he mentioned the tv show. i've got to see it.