Sunday, August 09, 2009

Wonder Boys

My original review from 2000 where I ranked it at number 11 out of 75.

Wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did, but Wow! Robert Downey and his libido, the 3000 page opus Michael Douglas is working on, the Little Richard like bowler, the dead dog, the Katie Holmes mystique… what a fun movie. Pittsburgh looks like the best city in the world in this film.

My 2009 thoughts.

- I was disappointed at first but it grew on me. I wanted to punch Tobey Maguire in the first few minutes but even he grew on me by the end.

- I can't get enough Rip Torn.

- Michael Douglas was very good.

- The rock music on the soundtrack either felt way too obvious (Old Man to signify that Douglas felt like an old man) or way too forced (hey pump it up, we have a brand new Bob Dylan song to play for you!) to work.

- Pittsburgh still looks like the best city in the world.

- Who would have thought as Robert Downey and Tobey Maguire lounged in bed together that one day they both would be stars of their very own superhero franchise?

- The Katie Holmes mystique?

Directed by Curtis Hanson


Crispin H. Glover said...

i reaaaally disliked this movie when i saw it years ago and had completely given up on it by the time the papers went flying.

Fred Swayze said...

I love Wonder Boys. It's such an oddball gem of a film, even if the music is obvious and Katie Holmes fails at life.