Thursday, August 06, 2009

Putney Swope

I'm fully willing to admit that if I had seen this movie in 1969, I might have loved it. But I didn't. I saw it in 2009 and I just couldn't get into it. It was dated - not in a bad way. But in a I'd rather try to make fantasy baseball trades late on a Sunday night than fully pay attention to this movie so I'll kind of pay attention to it kind of way.

Putney Swope is a black ad exec who gets voted in to be head of the agency when the head dies of a heart attack at a board meeting. He gets voted in because all of the old white men voted for him because they didn't think anyone else would and they each wanted to be voted in themselves. The rule stipulated that they couldn't vote for themselves.

Swope fires the white dudes except for one token one, brings in all black execs, and renames the company Truth and Soul, Inc. No more ads for alcohol, cigarettes or toy guns, etc. The ads are super trippy in a 1969 way. The government gets involved. This movie was nuts. I loved it -- sort of. But yet I didn't pay nearly enough attention to it.

And I didn't even make any trades on this night.

Directed by Robert Downey Sr.


Crispin H. Glover said...

I was confused and bewildered by this movie. I loved parts of and overall i liked it but it was a big mess of ideas.

Listmaker said...

but - did you make any fantasy baseball trades while watching it?

decaf said...

i was confused and bewildered by this review. should i watch it or not? must have answers!

Listmaker said...

definitely worth seeing. just be prepared to be confused, bewildered, and fascinated.