Monday, August 31, 2009

The Final Destination

After seeing the previous installment (the first entry of this blog by the way), I swore off ever seeing one of these again in the theater.

But then ... the newest one came out in 3D! 3D! I had no choice but to go see it.

And now, I can with much confidence state that I will never see one of these again in the theater.

This was better than the last one but still not nearly as much fun as the first two. Or maybe it's just me. Maybe I've changed.

These movies have turned into the equivalent of porn. You sit through the non "action" scenes and the painful dialogue that ensue while getting excited for the money shots of crazy mayhem.

The last film had weird World Trade Center references. This one had weird racist overtones. Odd.

The 3D was good though. Although interestingly enough, even with all the knives and blood, etc., my favorite aspect of the 3D was a random shot of a BAND-AID floating in a pool.

Directed by David R. Ellis
Court St. 12


Fred Swayze said...

I agree. Watching these at home, as I've done with the previous three, is much more entertaining somehow. Possibly because I watch them over the course of three of four beers. and the 3D was misused. In other words, it was no My Bloody Valentine 3D!

msdee said...

I can't believe you saw this without Mondale, Sue and I? Haha
I wouldnt have gone to see this in 3D no way