Thursday, June 25, 2009


I was expecting to like this but not as much as I did. I loved it.

Let me count the ways.

- I love the talking dogs. Squirrel!

- Ed Asner was great.

- Russell was hilarious. Small mailman!

- A lot of the surreal flying aspects reminded me of Miyazaki films, in particular, this one.

- The colors were incredible. I was completely in awe the entire time. The 3D was great as well.

- Loved that the Lindbergh character ended up being the bad guy. Nazi!

- The opening Citizen Kane like montage but in reverse was breathtaking - some of the best filmmaking I've seen in years.

- The movie is so enthralling that you kind of forget at times just how sad and full of loneliness it is. Brilliant.

- There were also elements of this that reminded me of Maurice Sendak. And I've got to admit that it didn't occur to me until I listened to a Terry Gross interview with Pete Docter (the director) that the pulling of the house through the jungle was quite reminiscent of Fitzcarraldo.

- I loved every minute of this movie. From the newsreel footage to the montage of a marriage to the high rises rising up around his lonely house to the flight scenes to the pulling scenes to the battle scenes. I loved everything about it. This is a great movie.

Check out Mitch's review.

Directed by Pete Docter
Court St. 12

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Gamera said...

I liked that it was surprisingly bizarre - the dogs, the weird action, the mash up of drama and silliness and punching. the first 10 minutes were absolutely devastating and carried the weight of sadness throughout the film but the last 5 minutes severely lightened my mood and sent me out of the theatre feeling like everything would be alright.