Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Hustler

I saw this movie with my dad many many years ago. In my memories of it, the pool scenes with Jackie Gleason took up a much larger portion of the movie rather than just the beginning and end.

In fact, the first 1/3 is great. As is the last 1/3. The middle 1/3 drags a bit but I guess is necessary for full dramatic heft. The trifecta of Newman, Gleason, and George C. Scott really is quite impressive.

SHR and I were both struck by how much James Franco based his Daniel Desario character from Freaks and Geeks on Newman in this movie - in particular the Two Tracks speech he delivers after being accused of cheating on a math test.

SHR and I are contemplating renting The Color of Money now but are a little afraid.

Directed by Robert Rossen


shawn said...

afraid of the color of money? it's so good. so good! i have taught myself the riff to warewolves of london on my organ.

Listmaker said...

yeah, not sure why we're afraid of it. cuz tom cruise is in it?

the only thing i remember about it is him dancing around to werewolves of london and mussing his perfect hair to the line of "his hair was perfect."

shawn said...

ha. i dunno. i find young tom cruise very charming. i just know i loved this movie. i can't tell you much more. i remember a lot of pool playing and a great scene in a toys r us.

Listmaker said...

yeah, i guess i don't much against the young tom cruise other than top gun and knowing that the seeds of scientology were already being implanted into his pretty little head.