Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good Bye Lenin!

I had heard this movie was good for years so I finally got around to watching it. I should have waited even longer. It's not that great.

I mean, it's not bad or anything but it is super lightweight in a not that good kind of way. I'm all for light but this reminds me of the kind of movie that would have been on Bravo 4 times a day back in the mid 90's. Maybe if I was German, I would have thought that was uproariously funny. Instead, it was absurd in a eh kind of way.

The movie is about a guy who watches his very pro East Germany mom faint while he's being arrested in East Berlin on the night that the Berlin Wall fell. She falls into a coma and when she wakes up, she is in a fragile state. The doctor tells the son not to let his mom have any sudden surprises in her life because it might push her over the edge. So he spends the next three or so years trying to create a world for her that consists of the old world order.

Imagine the hijinks! Imagine the hilarity! How will the son explain the huge Coke sign on the building next door? One thing leads to another and ... eh, whatever.

I did like the Lenin statue being flown over the city though - very La Dolce Vita.

Watching this movie though made me realize that I need to see One, Two, Three again.

Directed by Wolfgang Becker


E to the C said...

I enjoyed this film.

Listmaker said...

yeah, it was okay. i just don't think i was in the mood.

it was light and charming at times, i'll give you that.