Monday, June 01, 2009


This movie has a lot going for it.

Let me count the ways.

1. Yo La Tengo did the score.
2. It was directed by Greg Mottola. His previous film was my favorite of 2007, Superbad.
3. A good portion of it was filmed in my favorite amusement park, Kennywood. My favorite ride in the movie was named after a Del Shannon song. Nice.
4. Martin Starr!
5. It reminded me of being 22 and being absolutely clueless in the art of wooing women.
6. I liked the character Frigo a lot.
7. I didn't dislike Bill Hader as much as I often do. In fact, I kind of liked him in this.
8. Kristin Stewart sure is easy on the eyes.
9. I liked the tone of the film.
10. And the way it looked.

But there were many things I didn't quite like.
1. The whole thing felt a bit off. I'm not quite sure what it was but there was something lacking
2. There was way too much lazy foreshadowing.
3. Jesse Eisenberg wasn't that good.
4. The music felt forced in a better get the Replacements song on RIGHT now type way.
5. I wanted more Martin Starr.
6. I didn't buy that Ryan Reynolds' character would listen to Nick Lowe or use Lou Reed stories to hit on women. Who cared about Lou Reed at the amusement parks of the U.S. in 1987? These sorts of music details have occasionally been known to ruin otherwise acceptable movies for me.

All told, I'm glad I saw this film but I didn't love it as much as I was hoping I would.

Directed by Greg Mottola
Cobble Hill Cinemas


Chris said...

Your crazy, this movie ruled. Also lou reed was hired as a pitchman for scooters in the late 80's and had a huge album with New York by 88. Take A Walk on the Wild side was on heavy rotation on classic rock radio. I equated lou reed with the late dont get your point there...

Listmaker said...

can't argue opinion of whether or not the movie ruled or not.

the lou reed thing though i stick by though. i don't doubt that you thought lou reed was super cool. so did i. and walk on the wild side was on classic radio a lot - you are right. but the ryan reynolds character was not hitting on you or me - he was hitting on teen girls hanging out at an amusement park. i mean - maybe. he was so cute that he could have been bragging about playing shows with raffi and it wouldn't have mattered but it just didn't feel right to me.

on your final point about new york. the album came out in 89. the movie took place in 87. plus it only hit number 40 on the charts -not exactly a huge album. even if the movie had taken place in 89, i don't think dirty blvd would have been on these girls' radar.