Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby Mama

Okay, so this was better than I expected it would be. Still, that isn't saying much, now is it?

And to be honest, there were parts of it I liked. And I think that I even liked it more than SHR. Fey and Poehler are always fun. But come on, this movie is ridiculous. I know we are supposed to watch a movie like this with a willing sense of disbelief. But the whole thing was just so darn lazy. For example, why set up the plot point of Tina Fey needing to okay her baby mama to make sure she got someone of a high caliber? As soon as Amy Poehler and Dax Shepard are introduced, it is clear that Fey would never in her right mind choose them. But I guess that's the point? Fey isn't in her right mind because the biological clock is ticking?

But the comedy has got to happen, yo! Poehler has to be the one! Fine, I get it. But why not just have it that Fey knows she can't do better so she settles for Poehler? Granted, the script sort of did that in the first few minutes but it still didn't quite seem feasible. This sort of laziness in the screenwriting would be forgivable if the movie were a bit funnier. But it's not.

Sigourney Weaver's character was tired after the first scene. Five scenes later, she still wasn't funny. And Steve Martin? Not funny. Not funny at all.

Plus, as SHR points out, Tina Fey plays the same damn character in everything she's in or at least this movie and in 30 Rock. Branch out a bit, Tina.

Beth was over the other day and her 5 minute discussion with SHR about this movie was a hell of a lot more entertaining than the movie itself.

Romany Malco was funny though. And that Greg Kinner sure is charming. Although as Beth pointed out, that court scene was completely useless.

Directed by Michael McCullers


David said...

There is precisely one funny moment in the whole film: the joke about outlandish kids names while they're walking through Cobble Hill Park.

One other thing that bugged me about this (apart from what you have already mentioned): the whole thing is so obviously shot in NY/Brooklyn, but then for no good reason, the story is set in Philadelphia, so you have those awkward five-second establishing shots (Look!! Tina Fey and Greg Kinnear walk past Independence Hall!!), and the strained scene where she buys a cheesesteak. Guys--take five minutes to think about this stuff. Just set it in NY--it's a dopey comedy that nobody cares about anyway.


youthlarge said...

I thought I pointed out the court scene as being completely useless. Anyway, not sure why it needed to be set in Philly either. And I hated that there were no cars parked on the street in front of Fey's apartment EVER. I hate this movie.

David said...

Thank you, YL. Oda's now currently obsessed w/ it and watching it over and over on HBO27, so it's often on when I come home from work. Also, the plot twist at the very end--is that not the least surprising plot twist in the history of cinema?

Listmaker said...


yeah, that twist was pretty obvious. but that didn't bother me too much.

the end credits were another ridiculous part of the movie. as beth and shr discussed, it was like a whole other movie. plot points were introduced (INTRODUCED) over the end credits. who does that?