Monday, March 02, 2009

The House Bunny

I really should have known better. Why didn't I? Why did I think this might be good? Do I love Anna Faris that much? Was I so enamored with Smiley Face that I thought this might be good? Well, Mr. Fred Wolf (writer of such film classics as Dickie Roberts, Joe Dirt, and Without a Paddle) is no Greg Araki. This movie was stupid.

It should have been a female version of Revenge of the Nerds but instead it was close to unwatchable. Jason and I were ready to give up after 35 minutes but SHR was intrigued enough to keep going. I'm not sure why and she regretted it by the end.

A few thoughts:

- Hefner sucked.

- The jokes weren't funny - except for the many times where Faris has to speak in a growl to remember someone's name.

- Everything about this was flat and dull. I just didn't care. But I guess the average 12-year-old would. I still don't know why I thought this was supposed to be halfway decent.

- I hate Colin Hanks.

- Both Jason and SHR likened the film to a sorry ripoff of Legally Blonde. I just reread the Onion review of this movie and came across this line, "But that's just one of a host of musty old tropes peddled by the movie, which is what Legally Blonde might have looked like had it been made in the Revenge Of The Nerds era." Exactly.

- Kat Dennings (as cute as she is) was in two of my least favorite movies of '08. Too bad she didn't make a cameo appearance in the Indiana Jones flick to complete the trifecta.

On another note, this was my first Blu-ray disc on my new Blu-ray player. Which is pretty funny considering that the first DVD I ever watched on my first DVD player was, if memory serves correctly, either Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore with Balgavy back in the late 90's. This movie was produced by Adam Sandler under the Happy Madison production company.

Directed by Fred Wolf

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Gamera said...

i read so many good or semi good reviews of this and wondered "who the fuck is anna faris and why is she at the top of everyone's list right now?" hefner really lloks lame in those miss march previews too. doesn't he have a hobby or something?