Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I read this book to my class a few years back as a read aloud. They were enthralled but also a bit creeped out by it. It is scary! Especially for a third grader. Shit, to go into another world where your mom and dad are the same except crazy nice - except for the fact that they have buttons for eyes! What? Scary. I loved the book.

Fortunately, the movie didn't disappoint at all. It is excellent. And the 3D completely enhanced the experience. I can't say enough good things about this movie. Even the changes for the movie that are different from the book worked exceedingly well.

What kid hasn't felt like her parents are ignoring them and don't have time for them? What kid hasn't hoped to have different parents? But as the tagline suggests - be careful what you wish for.

What starts as a fun adventure and a possible dream that Coraline wishes was real turns into a scary nightmare that she desperately wishes was merely a dream. And when the dead kids appear and Coraline's Other Mother starts making threats about buttons for eyes, this film catapults itself into instant classic status.

Double Trouble will be at least 10 before I scare the living daylights out of them with this gem.

I want to see Henry Selick direct either The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle or Kafka on the Shore. The dreamlike reality of those two books would work really well with Selick's animation. Hell, there's even a talking cat in this movie. Perfect for Murakami.

Directed by Henry Selick
Times Square 25

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youthlarge said...

i will watch this with DT in 10 years.