Thursday, January 08, 2009

Operation Filmmaker

What a brilliant train wreck! Not the movie itself but rather what it documents. I loved it.

A year after the invasion of Iraq, liberal do gooder Liev Schreiber saw a feature on MTV about an aspiring Iraqi filmmaker named Muthana Mohmed whose film school and favorite screening room were now in rubble because of the war. Schreiber was about to head to Prague to direct his first feature film, Everything Is Illuminated. Schreiber thought it would be a great and benevolent gesture on his part to pay for Mohmed's way to Prague so he could intern on the set and learn how to make movies.

Almost from the beginning, Mohmed is a problem. He resents having to be an intern and doesn't really do much of anything. It also becomes increasingly clear that Mohmed really doesn't want to be a filmmaker - he is simply an opportunist. He consistently wants to freeload and ask for money from his benefactors at a dizzying rate. After awhile, he completely had worn out his welcome.

But that's when The Rock comes to the rescue. The Rock? Say what? I don't want to get too much into the twists and turns of the movie because then I'll ruin it for those who have not seen it. See it to see how it all went down. You won't be disappointed.

Directed by Nina Davenport


Jimbama said...

this was a great documentary. fascinating how badly everyone involved ends up looking in this. i would love to know what ended up happening to mohmed though...

msdee said...

very intriguing