Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wendy and Lucy

Alex J. got me into this for free as part of the New York Film Festival. Being a big fan of Reichard's last film, Old Joy, I was very excited to see this. It isn't as good as Old Joy, but it is still pretty darn good. Michelle Williams was excellent and the vibe of the whole thing was quite reminiscent of Old Joy. About the previous film, I wrote, "The loneliness, the longing, the uncertainty is written all over their faces and body language. There are longs stretches of silence that are perfect." The same can be said for this film.

The fact that this didn't resonate with me as much might not be the film's fault. Perhaps I just identify more with a film about males attempting to bond than a single woman on her own. I'm not sure, but my gut sense was that Old Joy was magical at times and this film is simply a very good movie. And I really didn't mean for that to sound like the damning praise that it seems like.

I was quite amused by this disclaimer in the New York Times review of the film.

“Wendy and Lucy” is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian). It has some swearing, a little drug use and a brief implication of violence, but no nudity, sex or murder. The rating seems to reflect, above all, an impulse to protect children from learning that people are lonely and that life can be hard.

Directed by Kelly Reichardt
Ziegfeld Theater


Gamera said...

I cannot wait to see this. Old Joy was such an odd, wonderful film and I love long stretches of silence.

Chris Larry said...

Old Joy was one of the dumbest wastes of time I have ever spent. Two dweebs and an implied hand job.