Sunday, December 07, 2008

Quantum of Solace

What a letdown. After having taken 21 years off from the Bond franchise before seeing Casino Royale, I was ready for another installment. But this Bond was boring, very boring.

I don't mind a darker Bond if it is going to be interesting. But this Bond film wasn't. Bond is a killing machine but there was no charm, no nothing to the Bond in this film.

Maybe the next installment will feature at least one smile from Mr. Bond.

And am I too old or what? I really can't stand the way action films are shot these days in tight close ups. I can't tell what the hell is going on.

The one scene in the entire film that I really liked was the opera sequence. Other than that, this Bond was pretty forgettable.

In my review of Casino Royale, I wrote, "You've got to keep the template a little if you're making a James Bond movie, otherwise you'll end up with a long episode of 24. " This installment reminded me of 24 - with Bond going all renegade. Blah.

In that review, I also wrote, "As SHR said, this was kind of a Batman Begins movie - we get to see Bond discover himself." This one was like The Dark Knight where Bond goes all dark and shit. I didn't love that movie but I did like it a whole hell of a lot more than this one.

Directed by Marc Forster
Court St.


Gamera said...

For some good action sequences you should check out Bolt. The first 10 minutes are horribly exciting, well planned and well executed. It made me wonder why a silly kids film has to show others how to do action right.

Wisdom Weasel said...

I'm so sad right now. OK its dark, but at least its not Dalton.

Listmaker said...

and where were the gadgets?

Listmaker said...

just listened to an interview with marc forster on the elvis mitchell podcast.

he convinced me that i should have liked the darkness of the plot a little more including no gadgets, etc.

but nothing he can say will make me change my mind about the dumb way most of the action scenes were shot.

msdee said...

I hated it and I'm a James Bond fan

They didn't even play the james Bond theme at the beginning of the movie