Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

The first time I saw this movie occurred because my babysitter up the block convinced my parents that this was okay for a 9-year-old to watch on video. They said okay even though they hadn't seen it yet. So they went out and Freddy and I watched it.

When they watched it the next night, they were quite angry at Freddy. They should have known better - this was the same kid who taught me various words for oral sex a few months earlier.

I hadn't seen it in years but I pretty much remembered every single line. Although I must admit that it was weird to see it uncensored because the last few times I saw it were on regular TV. I kept expecting dirty words to be awkwardly censored like in the version I was used to.

A few years ago, I had a discussion with a few friends over beers about the best high school movies ever made. This one was in my top three at the time. Having re-watched it, I feel like there is no doubt that this has to be number one. Is there any movie about high school better than this one? I like John Hughes as much as the next 80's kid but this movie truly has it all.

I mean, what moment in this movie isn't absolutely perfect?


Phoebe Cates

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Mr. Hand!


Judge Reinhold

Ratner in a tux

The soundtrack is perfect. Jennifer Jason Leigh and Phoebe Cates really couldn't have been sexier. To this day, I can't hear Somebody's Baby without thinking of Leigh getting deflowered in the dugout. The carrot scene, the masturbation/pool scene, Damone selling tickets, Mr. Hand crashing Spicoli's night, Spicoli ordering a pizza, I need to stop now because I could write another 1,000 words about my favorite parts of the movie because pretty much every single moment is my favorite part.

Directed by Amy Heckerling


Gamera said...

WHen I saw this I remember thinking it was totally overrated. Maybe I should revisit it but I don't really think I will since I avoid anything Cameron Crowe does or did.

thenoiseboy said...

This one is great, but I still prefer Ferris Bueller's Day Off. While most of it isn't actually set in high school, it captures the high school spirit brilliantly. And it's about skipping school. And it was filmed in Chicago. And Sloan is hot! And it involves fast cars. And The Principal and his assistant are just hilarious.

Chris Larry said...

both of these comments are beyond retarded.....Ferris isn't even the in the top 3 Hughes films...and I like Ferris even!