Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Conan the Barbarian

I think that I wanted to see this when it came out but my dad wouldn't let me. Something about too much sex and raunchy violence. I see what he meant. I had no idea how much raunch there was to this movie.

Other thoughts I had while watching this movie:

- Oliver Stone co-wrote this?

- Wow, Conan's mom just got decapitated while poor little Conan was holding her hand. So dramatical!

- This reminds me of Mongol.

- Conan sure likes killing people for sport.

- Conan sure likes being asked to mate. He's all gentle too. But rough when needed.

- This also reminds me of Krull, Caligula, Princess Leah in bondage in Return of the Jedi, and Clash of the Titans. I love this movie!

- How many lines of dialogue does Arnold actually speak? Less than 10?

- Wow, Arnold is wearing A LOT of makeup.

- Dude, Conan just boned that witch, soft core style, and then threw her into a fire after she bared vampire teeth! What the hell is going on?

- James Earl Jones and Max Von Sydow! What a movie!

- What's up with James Earl Jones' haircut?

- That one dude really looks like Derek Smalls.

- More with the decapitations!

- This reminds me of the one time I tried to play Dungeons and Dragons as a kid and my character's penis turned to stone when he tried to have sex with Medusa. I'm not sure if we were playing the game correctly.

- I feel like I have a better understanding of Chris Larry now.

- Is Conan the Destroyer any good? I see that is on later this week.

Directed by John Milius


msdee said...

You mentioned KRULL!!!
I saw Krull in the movie theatre it has the longest mountain climbing scene ever. I love that movie! Conan is kind of sick but while watching cable with hubby Conan, Conan The Destroyer, Beastmaster,Ladyhawke and Dragonslayer was a big part of our entertainment when the girls were just wee ones. Good times Good times

Chris Larry said...

Conan Rulz
Beastmaster rulz
Krull drulz

Great write up!

Jim said...

Conan is awesome. Great review. Your childish wonder and glee are infectious.