Sunday, November 23, 2008

Made for Each Other

This movie flat out sucked. Edward Zwick recently raved about it in the New York Times and I thought that this would be a fun lighthearted 30's romp to watch over the weekend with SHR but it wasn't. It was boring, ludicrous, stilted, unfunny, and bizarre in a bad way.

The film is about two folks who get married right after meeting each other and then have to figure out what marriage is about -- meddling mother-in-laws, misunderstandings, babies, annoying bosses, etc, etc. This stuff is all ripe for 1930's exploration but instead it was 1930's crap.

For SHR to not like a Jimmy Stewart movie is really saying something.

Edward Zwick is on my list.

Directed by John Cromwell

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