Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Verdict

There were parts of this that were incredibly dated in a good way. There were parts of this that were incredibly dated in a bad early 80's TV movie kind of way.

It is amazing to me how slow paced mainstream movies used to be. If this were made today, it would like like a Tom Cruise Pelican Brief type deal. Or at least an over-the-top histrionic Mystic River offering.

Love Paul Newman of course but I was also extremely excited to see Jack Warden. I love that guy.

The beginning is very good. The ending is great. The acting is great. SHR and I both were skeeved out by the judge with the crazy eyebrows. James Mason as the defense attorney was perfectly arrogant. I just didn't see the need for the Charlotte Rampling twist though.

I had no idea that David Mamet wrote the script.

Directed by Sidney Lumet


msdee said...

Next time you watch the movie, be on the lookout for Bruce Willis. He is an extra sitting in the courtroom.

msdee said...

BTW My absolute fave Paul Newman movie has to be Cool Hand Luke.
I saw it with my DAD!
I kept saying, "What we have here is a failure to communicate." to the point where my brother threatened to punch me if I said it one more time

Listmaker said...

had no idea that bruce willis was in this. funny.

do love cool hand luke but haven't seen it in years. also saw that with my dad.

mas said...

I had forgotten Charlotte Rampling was in "Stardust Memories" until I saw her in this last week.

youthlarge said...

i haven't seen cool hand luke in years, too. we should netflix it.