Monday, October 20, 2008

Snow Angels

SHR and I really liked the first hour of this. The cinematography by Tim Orr (all of the David Gordon Green movies, Raising Victor Vargas) is stellar. The acting is across the board good. I liked the girl who played Juno's friend a lot more in this than in that movie. Sam Rockwell is creepy as all get out. I liked the characters. I liked the realism.

But then the plot took a turn in the second hour and the characters were dragged along with it. I would have liked to have seen the first hour but with a whole different second hour scenario. After a four year absence, Green (director of my favorite film of 2000, George Washington, and Marc's favorite of 2003, All the Real Girls) put out two movies this year. This one was definitely not as good as his stoner buddy picture from the summer.

Directed by David Gordon Green


jjosh said...

beautiful, melancholy and a last act that left us saying, "great, what the hell, why did I just watch that, I feel like crap, damn this film."

Chris Larry said...

good review....horrendous movie. my wife hates me now b/c i rented this. second hour was a waste of space.

mas said...

We watched this two nights ago and then I looked up your review this morning. SJI and I were really into the first half hour (even stopping to pop up some popcorn and settle in for the long haul) but the last hour was endless and the acting got bad too. I definitely prefer "East Bound and Down!"