Thursday, October 30, 2008


I like Bill Maher as much as the next liberal, but this movie wasn't that good. I found it a bit tedious by the end.

I believed the beginning monologue where Maher stated that he simply wanted to have his questions about faith answered. But instead, he simply found (for the most part) ridiculous people to interview and then badgered them or tried to make them look stupid. The interviews with regular people were interesting. I liked the interview with the U.S. senator. I liked the interview with the people at the Vatican.

But I'd say only about 1/3 of the interviews were enlightening. Some of the real wackjobs didn't add anything to the discourse. It's like Maher didn't trust his audience enough to actually make a serious documentary. Not that I wanted a really serious doc from Maher, but interviewing nutjobs is too easy.

And the constant interspersing of clips was only occasionally effective. I wanted more from this movie. My dad wanted it to convince my mom that religion is stupid so he doesn't have to go to synagogue anymore. We both were let down.

I will say though that I didn't know anything about how the Jesus story is a piecing together of other pre Jesus religious stories. Interesting.

Directed by Larry Charles
AFI Silver Theater


Gamera said...

I can't stand Bill Maher. He is pompous and smug and his persistence on saying he is simply asking questions comes off as the intense self satisfaction of someone who already knows the answers he's looking for and won't be swayed by anyone's opinion. I found the book "Under the Banner of Heaven" to be the best account i've ever seen about how crazy religious origin stories are and the dangers of interpretation and believing too much.

msdee said...

Dont get me started

Listmaker said...


i used to agree with you completely but i've gotten into real time over the past year.

this movie brings out the worst in him though.

maher was on the mike huckabee show last night and i was tempted to watch it.

Chris Larry said...

bil maher rulz
haters drool