Sunday, October 05, 2008

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

SHR and Mitch really didn't like this movie. In fact, they hated it. As I was watching it, I didn't hate it as much as they did because I was having an interesting inner debate with myself.

Some of the questions that were raised?
Q: If I was 17-years-old, would I like this movie?
A: Nah, but maybe if I was 12.

Q: Do I not like this movie because I'm old and don't understand today's youth?
A: Perhaps, but if disliking bad movies makes me old, then I can live with that.

Q: Who is the market for this movie?
A: ???? Perhaps kids who have just outgrown the Jonas Brothers.

Q: Where was the infinite playlist that I was promised?
A: Nowhere, it was nowhere.

Q: How can a movie that has mix CD's as a plot point be so lame?
A: I don't know but I'm afraid that Chris Larry will yell at me for yet once again being too hard on a movie with a subject that I know a lot about.

Q: Is this the end of the line for Michael Cera?
A: No way. He can get away with one bad movie. On the surface, he's playing a very similar character to what he usually plays but not entirely. He usually is the bumbling loser who maybe gets the girl. In this, he is an indie rock loser who a super cute girl pines for the moment she sees him.

Q: How annoying is Bishop Allen?
A: Quite annoying.

Q: Why in the world did I think I wanted to see this movie?
A: It has gotten very good reviews. Including this nugget from A.O. Scott in the NY Times, "It’s like Martin Scorsese’s After Hours filtered through the high school sensibility of John Hughes, or Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise remade for Nickelodeon." Ok, I can see the latter. In fact, that is a good description. But that first line is as off base as the Onion review of Once that stated, "Imagine Belle And Sebastian remaking In The Mood For Love as a heartbreaking low-fi musical, and you have a fair approximation of the film's melancholy, unexpected genius."

Q: Why is there a six-year-old sitting in front of us?
A: Who cares? He cracked me up by his cracking up throughout the movie. Maybe six-year-olds are the market for this movie?

Q: Why was this movie so flat and lacking in energy?
A: Because the movie sucks.

Q: How could the director of Raising Victor Vargas make such a boring movie?
A: Suburban white kids are much more boring than city Dominican kids.

Directed by Peter Sollett
Lincoln Square


youthlarge said...

this movie blew. i still don't buy your and mitch's stance that michael cera is somehow NOT playing the same character he played in juno, superbad, etc... his wardrobe's been recycled, too!

Gamera said...

Rough. I really liked Raising Victor Vargas and hoped for a mix tape-themed Before Sunrise with this but you have scared me off. Would you have liked it better if Nick and Norah had decided to make a porno?