Monday, September 22, 2008

The Grapes of Wrath

In high school, I did my big 11th grade research paper on Of Mice and Men. I read the damn thing in one Sunday morning and ended up producing the only A in my Honors English class. That Dr. Traubitz was a tough grader I suppose. Hooray for a young Listmaker!

A few months later, I started reading The Grapes of Wrath but got bored after a few pages and stopped. I promised myself that I'd come back to it someday. Well, in a way I guess that I did almost twenty years later. But I chose the easy road - the movie. Oh well, better than nothing I suppose.

The movie is very good. So good that maybe I'll never read the book now! Henry Fonda was great. Ford's direction is stellar. So dark. So pinko too! The swelling speech at the end that Tom Joad gives to his mom gave me a lump in my throat. Alright, maybe I will read the book after all. It is what Dr. Traubitz would have wanted me to do, I'm sure.

Directed by John Ford


Gamera said...

Don't let the spectre of that old hag continue to dominate your every action - stand up for yourself and leave that book alone.

thenoiseboy said...

Fuck reading.

-Billy Crudup

jjosh said...

it is one of the best books ever.

Listmaker said...

damn, guess i better read it now.