Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tropic Thunder

Ben Stiller has got to go. He is past the point of being able to make a good movie or be good in a movie. He was so irritating to me in this. Jack Black was pretty annoying as well except for the funny moments when he was supposed to be acting.

Nick Nolte was good. Danny McBride was good. I liked seeing Jay Baruchel of Undeclared fame in such a prominent role. Steve Coogen wasn't so great except for his exit scene. Matthew McConaughey was fine. Tom Cruise was embarrassingly bad. This was the role that was going to catapult him back into relevance?

Robert Downey was great of course. He was brilliant. If the movie had been more of him and less of Stiller maybe I would have liked this more.

The satire really wasn't that funny and the fart jokes weren't nearly as good as the ones in Step Brothers. I felt like it was a mediocre stretched out version of funny parodies that were on Mr. Show ten years ago like Coupon: The Movie.

The movie seemed endless. Maybe I was just too tired. I'm curious to see what others think about this but it just didn't do much for me. The film has gotten very good reviews so maybe I just didn't get it.

Directed by Ben Stiller
Cobble Hill


mas said...

"Coupon The Movie" is a great comparison. I liked parts of it but it did seem to go on forever and certain plotlines were completely dropped. By the time Nolte and McBride reappeared, I forgot they were even in the movie, and Tom Cruise was a much better egomaniac in "Magnolia."

Listmaker said...

exactly. he was much funnier in magnolia.

E to the C said...

I won't see this. they should be nicer to retards.

Gamera said...

I just saw this and wanted to reread your comments. pretty spot on. why was this so loved and why did it do so well. lots of long stretches of nothing funny and nothing exploding. sad, really. steve coogan was absolutely wasted and tom cruise was so moronic. wasted talent and a wasted idea. downey was astounding.

Chris Larry said...

Finally saw this....stretched out skit is good way to sum it up...even though I didn't mind watching it on DVD upon further reflection, it sort of blew.