Monday, August 18, 2008


This movie seems like it was Danny Boyle's attempt to re-imagine the sci-fi genre in the way that he re-worked the zombie genre in 28 Days Later. Unfortunately, he didn't quite succeed like he did with 28 Days Later.

The first hour is good enough though. Shades of 2001 and Alien abound but it also reminded me of those silly 80's movies that I loved back in the day like DeepStar Six and even the Vin Diesel classic Pitch Black. However, I would gladly watch either one of those again than this one.

The premise is interesting - the sun is dying and Earth is doomed because of it. A mission is sent to detonate a nuclear explosion to reignite the sun. Bad stuff happens and a naked Freddy Krueger lookalike makes an appearance. Dumb.

Everything looked really cool though but for the most part it just made me sad that I don't get to watch Battlestar Galactica in HD.

Directed by Danny Boyle


Gamera said...

Sunrise, Sunshine...What's next? Sunday in the Park With George? You know I loves me some Mandy Patinkin.

msdee said...

I actually enjoyed this movie. It reminded me a little of Event Horizon. Just the feel of it.
Event Horizon is the scariest sci fi movie ever. You should see that one.