Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Step Brothers

I liked this a whole hell of a lot more than I expected. It is so utterly ridiculous in a good way. Not every joke works but enough do and enough do really well. The first third is definitely my favorite but the fun times last throughout the entire movie. Don't question the Apatow.

How much you like this movie kind of depends on how much you still enjoy the same old silly Will Ferrell thing. Personally, I haven't grown tired of it. Jim and I snuck into this after The Pineapple Express so the price was definitely right.

And if nothing else, the a capella version of Sweet Child O' Mine was incredible.

Directed by Adam McKay
Lincoln Square

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mas said...

Definitely funnier than I expected it to be. I went in to this with low expectations and "Pineapple Express" with high expectations, so my degrees of liking both of them are off-kilter.