Sunday, August 03, 2008

Remember the Titans

This is one of those movies that I wouldn't have minded seeing on cable for a number of years but I refused to watch it pan and scan style every time SHR watched it on TNT. When I saw that it was on in HD, I jumped at the chance to finally see one of SHR's favorite sports movies of recent years.

Eh, whatever. This movie was good enough I guess but it sure was no The Rookie. I'd love to see the documentary about the team rather than the hokeyness of this endeavor. Still, it was fun enough despite the Forrest Gumpness of all the period music to fit every scene. Blacks and whites begin to get along - let's play Peace Train, etc, etc. Most of the songs were from like 5 years before 1971 anyway. How many hip black high school kids were grooving to the Temptations by 1971 anyway? And if I had to hear Ain't No Mountain High Enough one more time, I would have gone mad.

It was great seeing Avon Barksdale again though.

Directed by Boaz Yakin


Jim said...

I like this movie a lot. Yeah some of the dancing-in-the-locker-room stuff is cheesy, but there are great characters and amusing scenes in addition to the fact that it was a true story and people did have some serious prejudices to overcome. Sounds like you were kind of determined not to like it. A documentary on the story might be good, but sometimes I feel the need for schlocky Hollywood entertainment, as ridiculous as it might be, and this movie totally satisfied that urge.

Listmaker said...

i actually wasn't determined to dislike it. i wanted to like it. i didn't hate it. i just thought it would be better.

of course, people had some serious prejudices to overcome but it almost feels like all you had to do was listen to the temptations with your new negro teammates and everything was perfect.

that being said, i did like the first part the best when they were at training camp together.

Chris Larry said...

i saw this on the bus at the end of a journey that began in Florida in a car and trasferred to a Bus in DC to NYC. After having done the same thing 3 days earlier, so it was like salvation to me......

Also it took place in my HS football division (prior to LBSS existance) so whats not to like?

There is a good doc about post katrina LA football season called walking on Dead Fishes that is really good.

youthlarge said...

did you know ashford and simpson wrote ain't no mountain high enough?

i loooooooooooooove this movie. hayden paniterriwhooziwhatzit is really good in it.