Friday, August 22, 2008

The Best of Youth

I'm so glad that I finally saw this. I missed it when it played at Film Forum three years ago and regretted it. It was on many Top 10 lists at the end of the year and Mitch raved about it.

Originally on Italian television, The Best of Youth is a sprawling 6 hour epic about two brothers. It takes place from 1966 through the early 2000's. It is heartbreaking at times, exhilarating at others, and always really good. Even though I didn't know much about Italian history (Who knew there was a big flood in Florence in '66?) or political strife but it didn't matter because the characters are so richly drawn.

I really liked this but it made me a little sad to think that I haven't seen a good film from Italy in a number of years. What's the deal with that? Is film dead there or are good films just not coming out here?

Directed by Marco Tullio Giordana
2003, U.S. Release: 2005

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mas said...

Glad you finally watched this. There was something about seeing it at Film Forum in two chunks on successive days that made it even better. I've never seen anything else by this director but I'd like to.