Monday, July 21, 2008

Smiley Face

I wish I was a pothead. It looks like so much fun. And I think that this might be in my top five best ever movies, if not, THE best ever movie I'd ever seen.

Since I'm not, this isn't the best movie ever. But it is still pretty entertaining. All around goofy and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, I enjoyed watching it. It made me feel stoned out of my mind as well which is quite a feat to do to a sober watcher.

Anna Faris is funny. There are many cameos from folks such as John Krasinski and Marion Ross. Basically, the movie is about Faris accidentally eating all of her roommate's pot cupcakes and then going on a quest to buy ingredients to replace them. Chaos ensues. Sort of a stoner road picture, but, of course, it goes nowhere. Except to the top of a ferris wheel with a stolen copy of the Communist Manifesto. Intrigued, no?

Directed by Greg Araki

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msdee said...

you're not a pothead?

Sounds like another wannabe cheech and chong