Monday, July 14, 2008

The Edge of Heaven

Kind of like a less sprawling and less all over the place Babel. The story might seem a little gimmicky at times but the characters are interesting and realistic thus making the plot feel plausible unlike other puzzle piece type movies that strain way too hard to fit everything together.

The film, very simply, is about Turkish immigrants in Germany. The plot will sound convoluted if I get too detailed so I won't. But I will state that it begins with an old lonely Turkish immigrant man in Germany who offers a Turkish prostitute her monthly salary to live with him instead of turning tricks. From that scenario, the rest of the movie's plot is set in motion and involves the prostitute's daughter, the old man's son, the prostitute's daughter's girlfriend, and her mom in a should be too clever for its own good but somehow it all works kind of movie.

This isn't nearly as in-your-face as Akin's other movie, Head-On, but still equally satisfying.

Directed by Fatih Akin
2007, U.S. Release: 2008
Film Forum

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