Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Black Girl

I need to see all of Sembène's films. This is only the third one I've seen (Xala and Moolade being the others) but I've liked them all a lot. Compared to the other two I've seen, this one is much simpler. At only an hour, the film is not nearly as complex as the other two. No matter though, the film is equally as devastating as the scathing Xala.

The film is about Diouana, hired to be a babysitter by a French woman in Dakar. When the mistress asks whether or not she would like to accompany the family back to France for a vacation, Diouana is overjoyed.

But she is subsequently treated like absolute dirt and feels like she is being treated as a slave. She retreats into her thoughts before finally lashing out at her French oppressors. The film has an interesting feel to it - something like blending elements of The Bicycle Thief with the French New Wave. A very good movie.

Directed by Ousmane Sembène


Chris Larry said...

sounds like a can't miss....let me get this with sophie's choice and talk to her and and have a party....

youthlarge said...

don't forget the break-up. then you can really call it a night!