Sunday, June 08, 2008

Tuck Everlasting

Why would I have seen this movie you may be wondering. School. It's always about school. I read this to my class as a Read Aloud based on the high recommendations of the other two teachers in my grade. They loved it.

I wasn't as impressed. It was okay. A little too flowery for my tastes at times. Overall though, the story was interesting enough to keep me interested and also in kind of a creepy in a "This book was written in 1975 kind of way." The book is set in the late 1800's. The main character is a ten-year-old girl named Winnie. She stumbles onto the Tucks - a family who (get this) has discovered the fountain of youth in them there hills! But she can't drink from the crick because then she'll realize that this whole everlasting thing is a curse!

So they kidnap the broad! But then she falls in love with Jesse, a 17-year-old Tuck who is really 104. Say what? There's a greedy dude lurking around in a yellow suit who gets his just desserts with a shovel to the head. What? Then the best part - Jesse makes a plan with Winnie to wait seven years to drink from the fountain. Get it, she'll be 17 and then they'll get it on!!! Gross, right? She's ten getting hit on by a 17-year-old who is really 104.

Well, of course, the movie is a bit different. Rory Gilmore plays Winnie and is supposed to be 15 because in 2002, you can't have a 10-year-old fall for a 17-year-old even if he is really 104. Whatever passed muster in 1975 children's literature is not okay for 2002 movie audiences..

The movie is set in the 1920's and Jesse, well Jesse is something else. Daughter of Bocce King found him quite dreamy. Most of the kids said he looked like a girl. To me, he looked just like any other boy with the haircut so popular in the neighborhood where I teach.

Anyway, the movie is as silly as you'd expect but Ben Kingsley is damn creepy as the Man in the Yellow Suit and the ending retained it's original intriguing end.

Directed by Jay W. Russell


Gamera said...

Did I tell you about the time I saw this in the theatre? It was when I was was working the popcorn machine and could go for free so Allison and I decided to go see it one night. The theatre was packed with preteens. Absolutely packed. And while I agree the story and movie were ho hum, they were eating it up. It was an experience I've never had at the theater. They swooned at the romantic parts and applauded at the kisses. They hissed at Ben Kingsley every time he appered on screen. They threw food and giggled and loudly discussed the movie. We were the only two adults in this otherwise kid filled world. I felt like a spy.

Listmaker said...

i do remember you telling me this but i had forgetten which movie it was. great story.

msdee said...

They probably were swooning because Jackson was hot off of playing the teen heart throb on General Hospital and this was one of his first movies when he was an adorable teen. Where is he now? He's not on General Hsopital he's been replaced an that's what he gets for pulling a David Caruso