Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Truman Show

This was almost exactly the way I remembered it. Kind of good. Kind of eh.

Take Ed Harris out of the equation and his stupid hat and this movie would have been better.

I showed this to my class because the idea of a completely controlled society was reminiscent of two recent Read Alouds in class - The Giver and City of Ember.

If I only had one more month of school, maybe I could have read 1984 to them! Or maybe not.

My class really liked this even though they were a bit confused by it at times. Some of them kept thinking that Truman was real - they had a difficult time grasping that everyone besides Jim Carrey were actors playing actors and that Jim Carrey was an actor playing a non-actor.

The official stamp of approval came from Girl Who Loves Sparkly Clothes but Hates Hillary Clinton who deemed the movie good.

Directed by Peter Weir


Gamera said...

Ed Harris is an instant movie killer. He's a bonehead and truly stinks in this film as he does in all his films. I love the picture composite that is the poster. That technology and Magic Eye posters are great time capsule pieces from the late 90s. You should have watched ED TV next and had a compare/contrast session with your budding Roger Eberts and Pauline Kaels.

msdee said...

I loooove the City of Ember
I read it a few years back to the class and they loved it!!!
Even had some lessons to tie into it

You know there's a moviem don't you?

Listmaker said...

yup. with bill murray. i hope it is good.

jjosh said...

I disagree. I love Ed Harris, c'mon no love for Glengarry? I also recently saw this film again (for some work thing where I needed a shot of a tv)...I too felt exactly the same as when I first saw it, i.e., this would be a good first act for a movie, but it ended right where things would get interesting!