Friday, June 20, 2008

Spider-Man 3

Was Sam Raimi trying to kill the franchise with this movie? Did he actually think this was good? Raimi is a funny guy. Maybe he's just sick of making Spider-Man movies and rather than quit making them, he played a joke on everyone. I mean, wow, really? This movie can only be described as a joke.

The first hour isn't half bad (other than the terrible opening credits sequence) if not a bit slow. But then the Spidey shit hit the fan. The dance scenes? The Peter Parker with an emo haircut? I think Jim mentioned that you could tell the good Peter Parker scenes vs. the bad Peter Parker scenes based on how Tobey Maguire parted his hair. The movie fell apart quickly and with a thud.

Even the first hour seemed by rote and had no energy. But at least it wasn't the second half. And were the digital effects as bad in the first two as this one? I don't remember them being so incredibly awful. And was it me or did every scene feature some sort of debris falling from the sky? I think the effects would have been better if they had simply used stop action methods with fake spiderwebs and Tonka trucks - especially that last scene.

And Topher Grace vs. Tobey Maguire look too boringly similar to each other to be arch rivals. Blah. I say blah.

Directed by Sam Raimi


msdee said...

I totally agree with you

Gamera said...

Did somebody say stop action? I'll get right on that.