Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I had such low expectations for this yet I remained cautiously hopeful. While this isn't the worst thing ever made I can't quite say that it is good. At least it is much much better than The Phantom Menace. Jeremy hated it though. He sent me this e-mail the other day about it that simply stated, "The crystal skull sucked big time. Quite embarassing at times and about as magical as a game of 3 card monte. Boo."

My take?

The Positives:
- Harrison Ford looked great.

- A few funny parts - the snake bit in the mud and the snatching the hat away from Shia LaBeouf at the end.

- Cate Blanchett looked scrumptious.

- The Twilight Zoneish nuclear bomb scene.

- It looked good for the most part.

- The interplay between Ford and Karen Allen was somewhat fun.

The Negatives:
- Harrison Ford seemed bored beyond belief.

- Flat, flat, flat

- The Shia scene flying through the trees tied the chipmunk scene as the most embarrassing moments of the movie.

- The action scenes were often quite dull and didn't really tie into the story that well. Or maybe I had just tuned out the plot halfway through.

- The digital effects looked stupid. Back in '81, Spielberg would have tried to film that sword fight on jeeps scene for real. Not in '08. It looked awful shot digitally. If Raiders of the Lost Ark were made now, I bet that the Indy underneath the truck scene would have been shot digitally and looked like crap.

- Where was the magic? The whole thing seemed very perfunctory and dull.

- The interplay between Ford and LaBeouf was lame. Jones needs a women to flirt with not an annoying LaBeouf to spar with. At least give me Short Round.

- For such a big movie, this didn't feel big. The other three films had such a large scale to them. This one seemed to be simply Blanchett and a few soldiers tracking down our heroes time and time again like an episode of Scooby Doo.

So obviously, I wasn't that impressed with the movie. But I'll take what I can get. Maybe the next one will be better? I'd like to see the next one set in the jungles of Viet Nam with a 71-year-old Dr. Jones.


mas said...

All I could think of when the chipmunk kept popping up was "Caddyshack," not a good thing during an Indiana Jones movie.

Gamera said...

I agree with all your negatives adn then some. Did Spielberg or Lucas actually think anyone would find the swinging with monkeys scene cool? and yes, the digital action is much of what destroyed the magic and squeezed all the fun out of the movie. When it looks like a fuzzy dreamworld, any sense of actual danger is lost. The car chase scene was a yawn that should have been mindblowing. I disagree with some positives. Harrison Ford looked okay but he was visibly hobbling in several places, especially when hopping up the boxes in Roswell. The snake bit and Karen Allen scenes bugged me because they were simply winks and nods to the superfans and did nothing interesting but play into the mythology of Indy. It was way too in love with itself.

Listmaker said...

jones is supposed to be old so i didn't mind that he was doddering around. still thought ford looked good after seeing him for so many years as calista's boytoy with hairplugs.

the snake and karen allen stuff was a nod to me and i didn't mind it. since the first sequel, there have been nods to the previous ones. what do you expect?

msdee said...

I was disappointed as well-See my blog for review
I completely forgot about the monkey scene-What does that tell you? It was supposed to be THE Action scene but I found myself wanting it to end already. I digged the red ant scene even though it was so didgital. It was very familiar, remember Scarabs in The Mummy?
I agree the, in your face, digital work made you think the characters predicaments weren't real. There was no real feeling of escapism for me.
The Mayan warriors were so under used too.

But ever since Return of The Jedi, Lucas has been offering too little too late