Monday, June 09, 2008

The Gold Rush

For the record, Girl Who Loves Sparkly Clothes but Hates Hillary Clinton said that this was her second favorite movie she had seen in class all year after The Kid. She likes Chaplin.

I'd seen the original 1925 version a couple of times. It is a classic. It is the one with the house on the edge of a cliff and also the one with the classic potato as Chaplin's feet scene. You know what I'm talking about. I wouldn't quite put this in the top tier of The Kid, City Lights, and Modern Times but I would put it only one notch below.

This 1942 version (which I inadvertently rented) was pretty funny. Chaplin recorded a narrative over the original film. He spoke the dialogue for all of the characters and I must admit it added a new humorous layer to the proceedings. Check it out.

Directed by Charlie Chaplin
1925, Re-released in 1942

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msdee said...

You now my feelings about Chaplin but Im glad your class is having a good time