Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Black Sunday

I had always wanted to see this movie. For some reason, I thought the entire thing was set at the Super Bowl. It was not. At an unwieldy 165 minutes, this movie was slooow. The first two hours plus was like Munich meets Chips but not as good as either.

The last thirty minutes were hilarious fun though and made sitting through the rest worth it. A blimp attacking the Super Bowl armed with 80,000 poisonous darts! Awesome! Bruce Dern as the crazy pilot? Even better.

Despite the slowness of the first two hours, Frankenheimer's direction was excellent throughout. The football footage was amazing. I'm assuming that Frankenheimer actually shot the football action during the Super Bowl. If this had been made now, it would have been a digital crapfest.

Directed by John Frankenheimer

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msdee said...

I saw this movie with my dad whne I was a young girl and was bored to death. Why would my dad take a twelve year old girl to see this movie. I barely remembered the plot of this movie or who starred in it