Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You're Gonna Miss Me

Roky Erickson is absolutely captivating to watch. I went into this thinking it was going to be more or less a documentary about Erickson's entire life. It had that but it also focused a lot on his struggles during the years the film was being shot (around '99 and 2000 I think) to gain some sort of independence from his well-intentioned mother who was simply trying to do what she thought was best for her son. Erickson had suffered from schizophrenia and drug addiction for years.

And guess what? I saw first hand last summer the happy ending. SHR and I saw Erickson perform at South St. Seaport last summer and he was doing quite well. I love happy endings from movies like this.

Of the four recent music documentaries I've seen in the past few years about troubled musicians, I'd rank this ahead of the Townes Van Zandt one, perhaps tied with the Killer Kane one and a little bit behind the Daniel Johnston one.

I can't believe that the only Erickson music I have is that first 13th Floor Elevators album. After seeing this movie, I can't get amazing songs such as Don't Slander Me and Starry Eyes out of my head. What a voice on that guy!

I loved his brother's awesome house in Pittsburgh.

All hail the electric jug!

Check out the trailer.

Directed by Keven McAlester
2005, Released: 2007


Chris Larry said...

i hve a good 3 CD retrospective u can rip.......

i agree, not quite as good a film as the DJ movie....but thats no slander on Roky, just the filmaker

thenoiseboy said...

I don't ever comment on here, but I do check your movie blog regularly, and have added lots of selections to my Netflix queue as a result. I can't believe I haven't watched this yet. That shall change soon.

Listmaker said...

i'd love to borrow it chris.