Monday, May 19, 2008


This film is kind of reminded me of a cross between Diner and My Sex Life (Or How I Got Into An Argument).

The film is about a bunch of twenty-something male friends in Oslo. It mostly focuses on two friends, Erik and Phillip, who are both aspiring writers. The movie begins with the two of them mailing their first novels to a publishing company in hopes of being published. Some of the storytelling structure might seem dated soon if not now. In fact, I was reminded sometimes of 1999 Run Lola Run, another movie that I should see since I seem to be currently obsessed with films of that year.

This movie isn't spectacular or anything but I did enjoy it quite a bit. It makes me a bit sad that there aren't all that many American movies like this anymore. As much as I love the Judd Apatow movies, they differ in style and sentiment from a coming of age movie like Diner. If some of those mumblecore fucks maybe tried their hand at something like this, I'd be happy.

Directed by Joachim Trier
2006, U.S. Release: 2008
Sunshine Cinemas


Chris Larry said...

mummblecore? wow I am going to go kill myself now.....

Listmaker said...

yeah, almost as obnoxious in practice at the name itself. more here

mutual appreciation is the most well known of the genre.

Gamera said...

i saw diner years ago and was thoroughly disappointed. annoying people discussing annoying things. and mickey rourke!?! good god.

Listmaker said...


you're wrong.