Sunday, May 04, 2008

Iron Man

From the reviews, I expected a different kind of comic book movie. I guess that's what I got but not necessarily in a good way. For the most part, it lacked any sort of oomph. I don't know anything about the comic so I don't know if that hurt or helped my enjoyment.

This was okay I guess but all I kept thinking about was that I liked The Rocketeer a lot more when I saw it in the theaters years ago and I'm assuming that movie isn't actually any good.

It also kind of reminded me of Robo Cop which isn't really fair to compare this to.

I'm fully expecting Chris Larry to rip into me for not getting this considering that it is a comic book movie and it is directed by his boy Jon Favreau. It's a good thing Vince Vaughn wasn't in it because then I'd have to pretend that I loved it in order to escape the wrath of Larry.

Directed by Jon Favreau
Times Square 25


Chris Larry said...

Haven't seen it yet....but can already tell your review is lame and obviously wrong....

Listmaker said...

there are definitely some fun parts but overall i was bored at times.

and jeff bridges' bad guy voice at the end made me laugh.

msdee said...

I saw it yesterday and loved it!!!

I respectfully diagree this is the first superhero movie that had a real plot and didn't revolve around rescuing the damsel in distress like Spiderman and Superman.
The intro served as a basis for why he became what he was and all first parts of superhero movies are about character development (the back story) and most of the time I trudge through that part of the first movie but this one was intelligent and witty and moving and kept me riveted.

Chris larry in case you didnt know(which i doubt) you have to stay until after the credits because the sneak peek to the next movie is shown. The group of about fifteen that stood for that part tells me many people didnt know that but its definitely worth the wait.

BTW I am terribly insulted that on the ReelZ channel they made a few comment about women preferring to watch Made of Honor and not Iron Man. I know I am not the only sci fi lover out there that is female

Listmaker said...

character development? cuz paltrow looked pouty, jeff bridges talked in a silly voice, and robert downey ate a whopper?

i will say though that the first and last 5 minutes were pretty damn awesome.

i love it - msdee and chris larry together at last on the pop culture tip!

msdee said...

LOL it was more than eating a whopper, poutung and voice.

Jeff bridges voice was supposed to be enhanced by the mechanics of the suit. It wasn't him pulling a Bill Pullman in Independance Day kind of voice. Now that was bad

And Pepper Potts was the strongest Damsel in any Superhero movie I've seen.
BTW Pouts always get the guys and an occassional hair flipping, gets them every time LOL

Chris Larry said...

msdee, its a losing arguement, let it go....if this same movie was made in Dubai with a French ex-pat, listmaker would say its the best piece of celuloid since George Washington....

msdee said...

LOL you're probably right:)

Listmaker said...


the dubai new wave is the next big thing dude.

first the tall buildings, then the culture movement!

Jim said...

I liked the scary bad guy voice, even though it was ridiculous. If that giant suit were deployed in actual battle the voice would be appropriately intimidating.

The movie was entertaining but it was paced kind of slow. For being over 2 hours there could have been more action. And because Robert Downey Jr. is all about sarcastic detachment and the other characters were pretty nonchalant as well, Vince Vaughn might actually have been a good addition, as a goofy sidekick or something.

Could end up being like X-Men vs. X-Men 2, where the first movie was all about introducing concept and character, then the second one was much better. All in all it was worth seeing.

msdee said...

For me as far as other movies go in character introduction this one was the most interesting.

Bitten by a spider or falling in toxic waste is over rated.

Listmaker said...

jim, interesting point.

msdee, agreed. i did like that part. very iron giant.