Thursday, May 08, 2008


I'm not quite sure why SHR and I stuck this one out. I guess the first half was fun. A young Jodie Foster, Scott Baio playing a nerd, Randy Quaid playing a twentysomething dating a 16-year-old, the guy who played Damone in Fast Times, solid direction, and lots of feathered hair.

But the second half was boring as all get out. That is, until the hilariously tragic ending. I guess I'm okay with having watched this whole thing but I will say that I did read Entertainment Weekly during parts of the last thirty minutes. And the Donna Summer smash On the Radio really drove me insane by the end considering it was featured in pretty much every scene either as the radio smash that it was or as part of the piano score. Insufferable.

Lyne went onto direct Flashdance, 9 1/2 Weeks, and Fatal Attraction over the rest of the decade.

Alright, who am I kidding? The real reason to watch this movie is for the hott scene featuring Angel. Rock the fuck on!!

Go to the 4:15 mark to see what I'm talking about.

Directed by Adrian Lyne


Chris Larry said...

I dug foxes when I saw late on cable in 1988!!!!!!!!

Your journey through movies u should have already seen i find hysterical and entertaining...didnt u ever go to Erols and rent betamaxes??????

you know the blond is cherie currie lead singer of the Runaways right?

Listmaker said...

i worked at erol's no less and we had a betamax!

i was too busy renting the last starfighter and wildcats over and over.

i did not know that about the runaways. interesting.

msdee said...

How old am I?
I saw this when it first came out in theatres with my friends Dawn and Evelyn. I'm OOOOLLLLDDDD

I thought it sucked then and I think it sucks now

youthlarge said...

cl, you have to remember that dan didn't get cable until like 1996 and foxes is prime 80s HBO fare (along with revenge of the nerds, hot dog, just one of the guys, zapped! etc...). somehow i had missed foxes, too.

we should keep an eye out for times square, which i think is along the same lines. i remember watching that on hbo, when our remote control for cable was actually a box with a switch and buttons you had to punch in.

Listmaker said...

i got cable in 91. so no excuses for me i guess.

youthlarge said...

yeah, but weren't you in college by '91? my point is that i watched a lot of these bad valley movies as a pre-teen/teen on HBO in the 80s.

Listmaker said...

i think we got it during the spring of my senior year in hs.

but point well taken.

still, i was and still remain interested only in movies about Dubai with French ex-pats so i'm not sure i would have watched this back in the day anyway.

youthlarge said...

well, yeah, of course. no iranians in foxes, so why would you have bothered?