Thursday, May 15, 2008


I was a little disappointed by my recent re-viewing of Three Kings, also from 1999. This re-viewing, on the other hand, exceeded my expectations. I greatly enjoyed this when I first saw it in the theaters but, wow, it is even better than I remembered. It is absolutely perfect, a modern classic.

The multiple character narration, the comedic timing, the social satire, what doesn't this movie do perfectly? Reese Witherspoon and, needless to say, Chris Klein will never be better. Matthew Broderick debunks his Ferris Bueller mythmaking and grows up to be a big loser. Oh my god, this movie is great.

I actually watched the first 40 minutes of this while on a plane from Amsterdam. I didn't finish it until this past weekend. SHR wanted to watch part of it with me while on the plane. She declined my offer to give her one of my earbuds. So I put on the subtitles. We both felt pretty self-conscious during the scene where Broderick is having sex with his wife and he fantasizes about Witherspoon imploring him to fuck her harder.

On another note, whatever happened to the actress (Jessica Campbell) who played Klein's sister? She was so good in this and the episodes of Freaks and Geeks that she was in.

One of these days, I'll actually listen to the commentary on the DVD. I hear it is quite good.

While I seem to be in a 1999 mode recently, can a viewing of Go be far off?

Directed by Alexander Payne


Gamera said...

This film is in my panteheon of perfect movies. I've seen it countless times and it never fails to amaze me, especially scenes like chris klein's speech where he blazes through the words never pausing or looking up. alexander payne's commentary is amazing - he talks of how he uses motifs like straight lines for reese and circles for broderick and how when reese is setting up her cupcake table there are actually shots of her quickly snapping open five table legs just to drive home the point that this is one determined girl. he also calls the car broderick drives the car of choice for the impotent man. it's easily the most interesting and listenable commentary i've ever heard.

Chris Larry said...

i concur, great director commentary of all time....

jamie said...

Ms. Campbell is either very selective, or has decided that a career in the theatrical arts is not for her:

i feel like i should be writing a letter to "Parade" magazine:

Dear Parade,

I was re-watching "Election" last week and I started wondering why I haven't seen Jessica Campbell in more movies recently. Her IMDB page lists no work for her since 2002, so what's the deal? Has she decided to give up acting? Or is she just waiting for that perfect project to come along and make her star soar?