Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spirited Away

Listmaker Trivia Question:
What do Roger Dodger, Talk to Her, Late Marriage, Morvern Callar, The Pianist, and What Time is It There? have in common?

They all were ranked higher on my 2002 movie list than this absolute masterpiece of a movie. What was I thinking? Granted, I really liked the movies listed and I also think that What Time Is It There? is one of the best movies of the decade but number 7 on the list? After Roger Dodger? What?

This movie really is perfect. It has absolutely no flaws whatsoever. Every moment is magical. Every single frame! I don't even feel like mentioning any of them because I might not ever stop writing this post. And if you haven't seen this yet, you should stop reading this post right now and go rent it.

This was the third Miyazaki film we watched in my class and even Girl Who Likes Sparkly Clothes but Hates Hillary Clinton who hated the other two didn't complain too much about this one.

I've seen this movie three times now and want to watch it again right now. Can Miyazaki ever top this?

When I compile my best of list for this decade, this is a shoo-in for the Top 10. How could it not be?

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki
2001, U.S. Release: 2002


Gamera said...

I agree that this movie is pure magic, especially the first 20 minutes. His movies occasionally verge on the corny but this one is perfect throughout and wholly original. I am shocked to see how it ranked at the time but glad that you've amended that upon further viewings. And, just for the record, Morvern Callar is totally boring.

Chris Larry said...

great film, love it...should have been hight...

I did like Roger Dodger a lot too...