Thursday, April 24, 2008


This movie has so much going for it. New York in the early 80's! A killer soundtrack of the Feelies and Richard Hell! Richard Hell himself stars in the film. But the disparate great parts never coalesced into the great film that I wanted.

Granted, there's more than enough fun stuff to see this movie if you get the chance. But the main character (a prissy social climbing little wannabe punk rocker) is just so incredibly annoying that it is hard to fully embrace the movie.

Still, everytime the camera pans the burned out empty lots of 1980's New York and the Feelies soundtrack kicks in, all sins are forgiven.

Seidelman went on to direct Desperately Seeking Susan, a movie that SHR has informed me also features Richard Hell.

Directed by Susan Seidelman


Chris Larry said...

"featured" in DSS is a big stretch he is asleep in a bed for 8 second...

Dude when did you start liking movied...1992?!?!?!?!?!

I saw this when I was like 17/18...wanted to like it more...didn't...same review as you basically...

Listmaker said...

admittedly, there are a lot of gaps i my movie viewing. i'm trying to catch up.