Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mother, Jugs, and Speed

Forget The Godfather. Forget Jaws. Forget Taxi Driver.

This movie, THIS MOVIE is the best film of the decade. That's right. Mother, Jugs, and Speed: Best Film of the 1970's.

Picture this brilliant concept: DC Cab meets The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, sprinkle in some Larry Hagman as a womanizing crazy man, Raquel Welch as a feminist with big juggs, Bill Cosby with a pottymouth and a heart of gold, an African-American ambulance company, Harvey Keitel, Dick Butkus, and LQ Jones and you begin to get the picture. This movie can not be beat. Completely nuts. Completely nuts! What the hell was going on in the mid 70's?

I'm not sure if my favorite Cos moment in this movie is the drunk driving, the honking at nuns in the intersection to scare the shit out of them, or the getting back massages from vibrator wielding hookers. Oh wait, I guess this is a pretty obvious choice, isn't it?

Directed by Peter Yates


Chris Larry said...

dude had you seen any 70's movies!?!?!?!?!!?!?!

msdee said...

This one is pretty good. It was strange for me to see Larry Hagman out of his military uniform but it was fun. I wouldn't call it the best of the decade but it was pretty good.

Yeah I agree with Chris, You need to see more seventies movies.

Funny we must be on the same wave length I just blogged about the seventies.

weasel said...

Do you think that in 30 some years a future listmaker will be having a similar revelation about Bringing out the Dead, or is the idea of there being one defining ambulance focused dark comedy each decade dead on arrival?