Monday, April 21, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

I was disappointed with this movie when I first saw it nineteen years ago and I'm still a bit disappointed by it. It is fun enough at times but I much prefer The Temple of Doom to this one. Sure, that one had some dumbass parts but the action scenes were the bomb! This one was so jokey to the point of silliness. Oh look, Indy gets Hitler's autograph! Oh look, Indy was named after the dog! Oh look, he gets so frustrated by his dad! Oh look, that's how he got his scar back when he was River Phoenix. Please. Too much zany shit for my tastes.

This clearly was supposed to be the tonic for the sinister tone of The Temple of Doom's heart ripping scene, etc but this movie went way too far to the attempted lighthearted side. And the Holy Grail/ knight part was so darn hokey. I really hope the upcoming one is better than this one.

Directed by Steven Spielberg


msdee said...

I totally disagree.
The dance scene in The temple of Doom wasn't silly?

I liked this one much more than Temple of Doom as a matter of fact Temple of Doom was my least favorite.

AND the mine roller coaster scene was the most annoying part!

Still love ya though:)

Listmaker said...

i loved the mine roller coaster part when i was 11. not sure if i'd still like it.

what dance scene in temple of doom? i love the opening dance stuff. i didn't like the dumb elephant stuff. neither of these are even close to raiders.