Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Think I Love My Wife

I like Chris Rock. I like Eric Rohmer. How could a Chris Rock adaptation of Rohmer go wrong?

Well, this movie didn't exactly go wrong. It just never went right. It does have its moments. And it does feature both Omar and Bunk from The Wire in one scene each. But overall, it just never really said what it wanted to say in an interesting or plausible enough fashion to actually be good.

Directed by Chris Rock


Chris Larry said...

I semi enjoyed a random cable way.....

the singing at the end was horrific

msdee said...

I hated this movie too as soon as the girl from the past came into the movie it became one of "those movies" I watched about twenty minutes of it and then gave up.

Chris Larry said...

whateves....she was HOT!

David said...

I'd rather watch the original.

Listmaker said...

me too but i've already seen it and it wasn't on hbo last month.