Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Breaking Away


After recently seeing Slap Shot for the first time, Hot Tub Eric e-mailed to make sure that I had seen this movie. Somehow this one had also eluded me. So I rectified the situation real quick.

This movie was so much fun. Daniel Stern, Dennis Quaid, Jackie Earl Haley, Paul Dooley... And the Beck lookalike star who was never seen again was also great as well.

I could have watched those scenes at the quarry on an endless loop. This movie makes me nostalgic for this era of movies. They definitely don't make them like this anymore.

So do you think Cutter Dykstra was named after the Cutters?

Directed by Peter Yates


youthlarge said...

man, plumley gets the credit for everything.

Gamera said...

This is one of my father's all time favorites and I saw it so many times as a child that I grew to love it dearly too. It was the reason I said my first swear word (bastard) and I recently got it free on DVD by collecting enough Mini-Wheats UPCs. You can't beat the haircuts in this film.

Chris Larry said...

you had never seen breaking away????????

wow...just wow